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SurPrize Patrol

The SurPrize Patrol makes its rounds at the end of every school year to surprise teachers with the grants they have been awarded.

In 2023, we awarded $35,296.31 in grants.

All-District Level (total amount-$2,764.95)

1. Celeste Brown and Yvette Picazo (ESL Department)

○ 5 Qball Microphone Pro Bundles including Qball, cover,

and UVC sterilizer: a microphone ball that will be used to

promote communication skills through team building activities.

○ Serves approximately 100 students

○ $1464.95

2. Jennifer Sharp (AEC Program including TAG and DAEP)

○ Outdoor learning table for counseling meetings and small group learning opportunities

○ Serves 80-100 students yearly

○ $1300

Primary (total amount-$4,653.82)

1. Crystal Perales (Kindergarten)

○ Classroom library center: a wooden mobile book organizer and various book sets including fiction sight word readers, non-fiction sight word readers, I Can Read! readers, emergent

non-fiction readers, word family readers, and celebrating holiday book sets

○ Serves 22 students

○ $1452.92

2. Julie Golden and Kim Iverson (PE Department)

○ BRAINball Physical Education Cross-Curricular System for

Kids: includes 40 green and 40 yellow basketballs with alphabet upper and lower case letters and numbers, 20 soccer balls with different math symbols, and a detailed lesson book filled with 100 games/activities.

○ Serves 500 students

○ $819.99

3. Mallory Greer and Melissa Vaughn (1st Grade)

○ Science of Teaching Reading materials for small group instruction: Bob Books Deluxe reader collections, phonics first little readers cards, decodable cards, laugh-a-lot phonics, first little readers books

○ Serves 44 students

○ $1324.76

4. Alisha Honey (Kindergarten)

○ Osmo Interactive Station including

i. tangrams (spatial and visual problem-solving skills)

ii. numbers (counting, addition, subtraction)

iii. words (building words and phonics)

iv. Masterpiece (drawing)

v. Newton (physics)

○ Serves 22 students

○ $293.44

5. Kate Bellis, Jennifer Simon, and Alisha Honey (Kindergarten)

○ Interactive word work activities for students to learn through experiences and manipulate the objects to create

and solve the problem including classic wooden blocks stacking games, Guess Who? Original guessing games, Lego

classic creative suitcases, and Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic kits

○ Serves 66 students

○ $312.72

6. Karin Engelman (Reading Intervention Teacher)

○ Multisensory learning materials to help retain letter names, sounds, and blending phonemes to begin reading

including tactile sand, spelling beads, gel boards, super-sized sounds, discovery word quicksand for high-frequency words, double lined blackboards, little sponge cubes, and little chalk bits

○ Serves 75-100 students

○ $449.99

CSEF Grants 2023

Elementary (total amount-$13,792.42)

1. Science Teachers (2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade)

○ Science Target Vocabulary Picture Cards for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade: streamline science vocabulary across grade levels correlated to unit concepts and skills.

○ Serves 675 students

○ $3146.28

2. Tonya Brown-Weller (Health Teacher)

○ Aerospring Hydroponics Vertical Garden: a state-of-the-art indoor garden system that recycles nutrients and water, using less than 10% of the water of a traditional garden. Includes: garden, 20 starter cubes and net pots, pump, timer, drain tube, plant food, pH test kit, and measuring cup.

○ Serves 675 students

○ $1356.00

3. Sarah Stubbs (2nd Grade Teacher)

○ Math manipulatives (hands-on materials for guided and independent practice) including 12 sets of base ten blocks,

clocks, fraction tiles, rulers, and shapes along with lessons; set of 16 multiple representation time dice, magnetic demonstration advanced number line clock; set of 1,000 foam two-color counters, set of 12 foam solid geometric figures; and soft foam dice

○ Due to the addition of one class and all of the second grade being self-contained,

there are not enough resources to go around.

○ Serves 22 students

○ $902.87

4. Keima Zapata (Reading Intervention)

○ 24 sets of phonics chapter book readers and teacher’s guides for the reading literacy library:

i. will be able to be checked out from all 2nd-4th grade teachers

ii. provide lower-level books since several books were left at

the primary school when we moved to the new elementary

○ Serves up to 650 students

○ $795.59

5. Candace Jaster and Lacey Smith (Math Intervention)

○ Math Stacker Learning Systems for two math intervention teachers

● Each teacher will receive:

○ *2 sets of foam blocks

○ *Early Learning book

○ *Discovery Guide

○ *12 sets of- math stacker magnets, double-sided magnetic whiteboards, dry-erase

○ markers & erasers and free gift pouch to store the individual magnet sets

○ Serves approximately 150 intervention students

○ $1815.00

6. Mary Duske (3rd Grade RLA Teacher)

○ Writing A to Z: a writing subscription of an extension of the instructional technology program, Learning A to Z that aids instruction with teaching the students how to write appropriate extended constructed responses similar to the expectations of the STAAR redesign. This platform provides a structure of grammar foundations and writing styles of various genres and will roster through our single sign-on platform, Classlink.

○ Serves 650 students (2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade)

○ $4361

7. Melanie Anderson, Keri Stewart, Katie McConal, Shelby Garrison,

April Laine (4th Grade Math Team)

○ Countdown to Math STAAR is a math warm-up program that spirals and mixes up 4th-grade math concepts that allow the teacher to get a realistic picture of the students’ retrieval understanding. This strategy or approach works best for the math problem at hand. This program has a paper and digital version to allow the teachers to provide opportunities for both modes. They currently use an outdated version and are excited that the updated version has digital resources as well.

○ Serves 250 students (4th grade)

○ $890.00

8. Rebecca Kahle (2nd Grade)

○ STEM Bins to encourage student creativity for complex tasks: organizational storage bins, Pix Brix Art Puzzle Bricks, plastic interlocking building discs, large Lego building set, magnetic building blocks and sticks, construction building supplies, marble run, snap circuit kits, and Play-doh modeling compound

○ Serves 22 students

○ $525.68

Intermediate (total amount-$6,529.89)

1. Cristy Gammon (6th-grade SpED inclusion)

○ Ride to Success: a recumbent bike with an attached desk specifically designed for helping students maintain focus on assignments through alternative seating and increased movement.

○ Serves 50 students

○ $309.99

2. April Harris, Heather Jenkins, and Melissa Adams

○ Class VR Goggles: a virtual augmented reality technology that has been designed to increase student engagement. ClassVR provides the equipment for this immersive experience and a

teacher-friendly portal where teachers have access to many features

(TEKS-aligned lessons, and 1000s of VR experiences).

○ Suggestion: The CIA department could house it and process it

through a checkout system for the whole district to have access.

○ Serves 500 students

○ $5496

3. April Harris, Heather Jenkins and Carrol Reeser, Tabitha Martel and Lesly Yerger

(6th Grade Math Teachers)

○ Escape Room Breakout Boxes: These escape room challenge boxes can be incorporated into any subject area but

tailored to specific content level TEKS to increase student engagement and problem-solving skills by solving puzzles,

decoding clues, and working collaboratively to “escape the room” before time runs out all while working towards mastery of understanding the grade level content.

○ Serves 500 students

○ $723.90

Middle School (total amount-$3,842.05)

1. Scott Brucksch (math teacher)

○ Auto Upkeep Elective Class Startup: 25 Auto Upkeep textbooks along with the instructor packet, workbook, and USB drive loaded with copies of the digital material; tools and materials to allow students to practice and perform essential maintenance on vehicles such as changing a tire, oil changes, wiper blade replacement, air filter replacement, computer scanning and diagnosis, and other real-world maintenance tasks.

○ Serves up to 200 students

○ $2460 (textbook, workbook, software, and tools)

2. Rebekah Patrick (English Teacher)

○ Standing Desks to student improve mood and energy levels

○ Serves 85 students

○ $675.89 (4 desks)

3. Amy Viertel (SPED Inclusion)

○ SpED activities and resources to enhance the strengths and weaknesses of our SpED students including visual perception games, thinking games, picture puzzles, Lego sets, verbal puzzle phrases, large magnetic dry-erase boards, dry-erase markers, magnetic algebra tiles, magnetic fraction tiles, magnetic

building blocks, and plastic pocket folders for storage.

○ Serves up to 50 students

○ $706.16

High School (total amount- $3,713.18)

1. Max Rutherford and Jeff Bray (Engineering Program)

○ 3D printers and filament supplies: Next school year, CSHS will be funding an engineering program. The students will be tracked through a couple of prerequisite courses during their 9th and 10th-grade year, which will lead to an 11th and 12th-grade level practicum with emphasis on Aeronautics and building a 2-seat plane with a partner company called Tango Flight. The students will take a certification test during their junior year showing mastery in Fusion 360, a 3D modeling software that is an industry leader at this time. The printers that I am seeking give the kids a hands-on experience, not only with modeling, by putting their design parts with hands-on practice.

○ Serves 100-150 students

○ $3,713.18

Total amount requested for teacher grants: $35,296.31

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