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Pride of China Spring Banquet 2023

Honoring Distinguished Alumni

Trey Smith ('06)

and the Class of 2023 Top 10% Students

Congratulations to the China Spring

Class of 2023​ Top 10% Students

Ezekiel Borland – Matthew Crain – Zebian Escobedo – Haley Haas - Malia Hadley – Colby Hale – Emma Hawkins – Mason Kirk – Landon Kuehn - Cadence Liles – Allison Martin – Landry May – Claire McMahon - London Mims – Hadley Phillips – Eric Rodriguez – Michelle Saucedo - Aiden Smith

Reid Stewart - Summer Surovik – Hannah Teat - ​Anna Tillinghast – Ella Webb – Kendall Williams

The students honored a teacher that influenced them most at China Spring.

Ezekiel Borland honored Daniel Farris

Matthew Crain honored Kelli Perry

Zebian Escobedo honored Jeremy Land

Haley Haas honored Bradley Settles

Malia Hadley honored Meagan Collier

Colby Hale honored Christy Londenberg

Emma Hawkins honored Nick Webb

Mason Kirk honored Amy Faulkner

Landon Kuehn honored Jonathan Richarme

Cadence Liles honored Lauren Ham

Allison Martin honored Megan Harvey

Landry May honored Haley Rambo

Claire McMahon honored Cody Corntassel

London Mims honored Michael Stahl

Hadley Phillips honored Roy Stone

Eric Rodriguez honored Mandy Conner

Michelle Saucedo honored Jenny Hoffman

Aiden Smith honored Dianne Little

Reid Stewart honored Keri Stewart

Summer Surovik honored Megan Harvey

Hannah Teat honored Rachel Johnson

Anna Tillinghast honored Lauren Dunlop

Ella Webb honored Cody Harvey

Kendall Williams honored Melissa Cole

Top 10% Teacher reveal party

Pride of China Spring Banquet Program

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