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Our Mission

The mission of the China Spring ISD Education Foundation is to solicit, manage and distribute financial resources that support the students and staff of CSISD through the following goals and priorities:

  • Endowed student/staff scholarships;

  • Community/District partnerships, Academic enrichment programs;

  • Innovative teaching/learning projects;

  • Economic assistance for special needs students

 ...Through the creation of a permanent endowment fund.

Program Priorities

College Scholarship Funds:

Join us in recognizing excellence, diligence, leadership and the amazing accomplishments of worthy China Spring students. Contribute to one of our existing funds, create an endowment or set up a fund to honor a champion for China Spring schools.

Students Enrichment Opportunities:

Enrich activities and academic opportunities that equip students with positive life skills, Examples include scholarships for education camps, travel-to-learn events or other after-school beneficial experiences.

Classroom Innovations:

To promote student access to leading-edge equipment/supplies that will improve students' opportunity to learn.

Education Foundations are often formed as independent "agencies" of schools. These organizations are created to generate finds and maintain non-profit status. Furthermore, the organization creates priorities for the funds. Thus, funds are used to supplement and augment school programs and enhance educational opportunities.

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