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China Spring ISD Education Foundation

Help Lay the Foundation for Their Future Success

SurPrize Patrol

The SurPrize Patrol makes its rounds at the end of every school year to surprise teachers with the grants they have been awarded.

In 2022, we awarded $29,263.22 in grants.

All-District Level (total amount-$1,365)

1. Clarissa Coker, Deborah Billeaud, Brandi Holub, Shelly Tiedemann,

and Crystal Veselka (Dyslexia Department)

○ Phonics-based chapter books: a series of chapter books

that are phonics-based and have the look and feel of a

typical chapter book with age appropriate and engaging

content; text is specifically written for older students who

are reading below grade level; give students the

opportunity to practice decoding skills and high frequency

words; Students are motivated to read these books

because the content is appropriate and the stories are engaging.

○ Serves 130 students district-wide

○ $1,365

Primary (total amount- $9,483.86)

1. Crystal Perales (Kindergarten)

○ Morning Tubs Learning Through Play Sets include: play

curriculum, plastic tubs, place value blocks, magnetic

numbers, magnetic letters, linking cubes, color chips, and math game spinner

○ Serves 22 students but is available for checkout for up to 250 students

○ $1219.49

2. Paula Hutchinson, Crystal Perales, and Lisa Shoots (Kindergarten)

○ Outdoor classroom with two picnic tables and five planter

boxes, gardening materials (potting mix, landscape fabric,

seeds, outdoor clothesline, hand trowels, hand cultivators,

watering cans, and worm farm), and science tools that

provide a science learning environment beyond the classroom.

○ $1900

3. Judy Butts (Pre-K)

○ From Garbage to Garden: We want to purchase the

necessary tools and supplies to create usable soil via a

composting system that uses school-generated paper and

food waste. The created compost soil can be immediately

used to improve the school grounds and will provide the

raw materials for a future pollinator habitat garden that will

expand the learning classroom from the indoors to the

outdoors, connect students to nature and provide a space

for students and faculty to enjoy. Tools include: compost

tumblers, paper shredder, trash can on wheels, food grade

buckets with lids, garden hose, dump cart, and shovel

○ Serves over 550 students (whole campus)

○ $2685.71

4. Niki Edwards (Music department)

○ Music instruments to supplement the additional campus

for next school year (Set of 7 Sonor Primary Orff Sets)

○ Serves 1,132 students

○ $3,678.66

Elementary (total amount-$3,441.86)

1. Sarah Magnuson (2nd Grade)

○ OSMO hands-on materials with math, spelling, puzzles,

coding that work with a tablet program

○ Serves 22 kids

○ $1,045

2. Sarah Stubbs (2nd Grade)

○ STEM Bins: pipe tube building activity; building blocks;

discs; magnetic building sticks, tiles, blocks and

playboards; mind building modeling system; brick box

building kit; playstix construction soet, construction

engineering kit; Pixel Art Puzzle Bricks Bucket; and storage bins

○ Serves 22 students

○ $455.86

3. Keri Stewart, Beth Cade, April Laine, Candace Jaster, Melanie

Anderson (4th grade math team)

○ Math Stackers Deluxe Bundles: The 4th grade team wrote a

grant proposal two years ago for six math stacker sets that

included 96 number stacking blocks, storage blocks, and a

Discovery Teacher’s Guide book. Now they are writing a

grant for the whole class deluxe bundle sets that would

provide 24 sets of the following for each teacher: 41 Math

Stackers Magnets + 2-sided magnetic dry erase board + dry

erase marker & eraser + a free gift of a storage pouch for the magnets.

○ $1941 (3 classroom sets)

Intermediate (total amount-$6,549.64)

1. Heather Jenkins and Rachel Brooks

○ Book Vending Machine where students and teachers can

earn tokens or use their own money to purchase books of

their choice. They will restock the books through monetary

purchases, earned Scholastic dollars from onsite book fair

fundraisers, and donated books in new condition to refill the machine.

○ Serves whole campus with 500 students

○ $4,395

2. Whitney Ward and Travis Hale (5th Grade Science)

○ Science lab equipment that will allow students to build

electrical circuits, experiment with magnets, explore

physical properties of matter, test the effects of force on an

object including the following: single electric burner,

various beakers, stirring rods, metric rulers, bar magnets,

mirrors, stopwatches, conductivity meter, digital scale,

funnels, tape measures, infrared thermometer, test tube

drying rack, lens and prism set, lenses demonstration,

measuring cups and spoons sets, stream table erosion kit,

lighted elementary planetarium model, energy sticks,

refraction block, plastic trays, globes, and sedimentary rocks collection.

○ Serves 250-275 students (full grade level)

○ $1,622.73

3. April Leatham (6th Grade Social Studies)

○ Taste of Culture Experiences: This will be a cultural foods

experience for each unit of study in social studies.

Traditional cuisines from regions are often passed down

from one generation to the next, so even as the people in

that region change, the food continues to stand as a

testament to the history and tradition of the peoples. Food

is tangible evidence of a preserved culture and can also

show the way a new culture’s traditions and ideas have

diffused and grown. She wants to provide students with a

learning experience that uses their sense of taste to make

their experience more memorable.

○ Serves 250-275 students (full grade level)

○ $531.91

Middle School (total amount-$3,412.70)

1. Deborah Bolton, Tricia Hepler, Jennifer Nelken, Rebekah Patrick, and

Ann Wright (English Department)

○ 10 Fiction Novel Sets of 25 books for Literature Circles for

both 7th and 8th grade ELAR classes. This would allow

each teacher to have 5 books of each title to implement literature circle groups.

○ Serves 500 students

○ $2107.50

2. Tricia Hepler, Deborah Bolton, Rebekah Patrick, Ann Wright, and

Jennifer Nelken (English Department)

○ High-interest nonfiction book sets for literature circles for

both 7th and 8th grade ELAR classes. The requested

amount would provide books in a wide range of both skill

and interest levels to meet the needs of all middle school students.

○ Serves 500 students

○ $1305.20

High School (total amount- $5,010.16)

1. Jill Notley (English teacher)

○ Seven markerboard activity tables and 30 chairs for

collaborative learning instead of the current individual desks

○ Serves 150-175 students

○ $2,505.08

2. Amy Faulkner (Honors and AP English teacher)

○ Seven markerboard activity tables and 30 chairs for

collaborative learning instead of the current individual desks

○ Serves 150-175 students

○ $2,505.08