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China Spring ISD Education Foundation

Help Lay the Foundation for Their Future Success


What a great evening at the Father-Daughter dance!!

Thank you to the father figure who...

-cleaned icing off your daughter’s

beautiful party dress.

-brought your daughter in her softball uniform and you in your coaching shirt because she had a tournament and y’all didn’t want to miss out!

-waiting in the long picture line to make sure you had the perfect photo to mark this fun night.

-videoed your daughter with delight while she danced with her friends.

-was the life of the party in the middle of the dance floor.

-who hates social setting but came because you knew it was important to your daughter.

-missed watching your college football game.

-held your daughter’s shoes most of the night.

-danced to every song with your daughter.

-slow danced with both of your

girls at the same time.

-helped your daughter get ready all by yourself.

-came in color-coordinating outfits.

-sweetly comforted your daughter when she cried because her sequin top was

rubbing under her arm.

-stayed 30 minutes longer than you wanted.

-stepped in to be a father figure to a girl so she could be a part of this fun evening.

❤️ Thank you!

And, THANK YOU, China Spring community,

for supporting the CSEF.