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SurPrize Patrol
The SurPrize Patrol makes its rounds at the end of every school year to surprise teachers with the grants they have been awarded. 
In 2018, we awarded $29,984.71 in grants.

Elementary (total amount- $3822.55)
Tricia Begesse and Kellien Christian (1st Grade)
STEM Activities (Dash and Dot Robot, K’nex, OSMO, Snap Circuits, Marble Run Logic, Skoolzy Straw Structures, Code & Go Robot Mouse, Augmented Reality Based Globe, Stop Motion Animation Kit)

Melissa Vaughn (1st Grade)
STEAM Activities (OSMO Genius Starter Kit, OSMO Bases, OSMO Coding, Snap Circuits Kits, Dot Robot Kit, Zu3D Animation Kit, Clay Creations)

Kerry Williams and Teresa Kimbrough (Pre-K)
2 Lego STEAM Amusement Park Sets

Melissa Adams (3rd Grade)
22blue-toothed wireless keyboards

Atrisha Biesterfeld (3rd Grade)
OSMO Classroom Kit

Intermediate (total amount- $6012.95)
Jennifer May and Lisa Truett (SPED)
ReaderPen (stand-alone digital pen that works in English, Spanish and French. Main features are: text reading using a choice of high quality natural speaking voice, a Collins English Dictionary, multiple language translations and capturing text remotely to file or directly to a cursor point on any computer)

Reading Teachers (Tina Anderson, Jackie Bauman, Jenny Hale, Devon Anderson, Lindsey Hensley, Vicky Erickson, Jan Rutherford, Arianne Exline, Jeanne Ranft, Samantha Ranft, Cindy Mayes, Brooke Jackson, Shannon Roy, and Suzanne Thurman)
480 leveled reading books to build a balanced literacy library

Suzanne Thurman (6th grade Social Studies)
Nearpod Interactive Social Studies Program Site License
This program is an innovative technology component that provide thousands of pedagogy based lessons, information, virtual reality, and the ability to easily tailor instruction which promotes student creativity.

Middle School (total amount- $10607.77)
Science Dept and Math Dept (Shannon Field, LeeAnn Finley, Jessica Elkins, Clint Allen, Lynda Buckingham, Kyle Elkins, Vanessa Hopkins, and Sarah Shipp)
Aclassroom set of headphones per math and science class with sanitize cleaner

Lee Ann Finley and Shannon Field (8th grade science)
NASA Challenger Center Field Trip for all 8th graders (250 students)

Deborah Billeaud (Dyslexia)
Phonics Based Chapter Book Sets
These chapter book series are phonics-based for older students reading below grade level that provide appropriate content and high-interest stories.

Vanessa Hopkins (7th Grade Math Department)
Flexible Seating (dry erase collaborative tables and chairs/stools)

High School (total amount- $8442.44)
Jenny Hoffman, Alicia Pulcine, and Esther Boateng (Spanish Dept)
Leveled Readers in Spanish (6 sets of 25 books)

Kendra Tatsch (Theater Arts Dept)
6 Chromebooks for stagecraft technology to guide research and dramaturgy (lighting, sound, special effects cues)

Kelli Perry (Science Dept)
Anatomy and Physiology equipment (economy skeleton, disarticulated skeleton, miniature joint set, arm muscle, leg muscle, and head muscles)

Johnny Day (FFA)
Bovine Breeder artificial insemination simulator for Advanced Animal Science classes (provides hands on experience in the field of animal reproduction and an opportunity to become certified in the field of animal reproduction)

Annex (total amount- $1099)
Gina Taylor, Melissa Cain, and Shannon Roberts
TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculators (2 packs of 10 calculators)

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