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Pride of China Spring
March 21, 2019

The Pride of China Spring Banquet, celebrating the Top 10% 
of the graduating 
Class of 2018 
and honoring
 China Spring alum, Toby Tull, 
was held on March 15.
Toby Tull, CS Class of 2000 and 2018 Distinguished Alumnus speaks at the Pride of China Spring event.

2018 Top 10% and the Teachers they Honored

Brianna Blattman honored Mrs. Vicki Hall
Jacob Bright honored Mr. Cody Harvey
Gabrielle Cleveland honored Mrs. April Bryan
Emily Elliott Honored Doc Corntassel
Abigail Gammon honored Mrs. Julie Smith
Peyton Goodman honored Dr. Kevin Pitts
Ashlyn Gremillion honored Mrs. Kerry Williams
Chase Hermes honored Mr. Daniel Farris
Jasmine Hull honored Mrs. Kay Carlile
Cameron Jenkins honored Mr. Max Rutherford
Brayden Mathis honored Mrs. Jackie Patton
Caitlyn Oliver honored Mr. Terry Stanford
Lydia Pardun honored Mrs. Candice Cox
Grant Pearson honored Mr. Marcus Gollahon
Alex Perkins honored Mr. Alan Lange
Sydney Rokas honored Mrs. Marilyn Crittenden
Kyla Seale honored Mrs. Chelsea Fewell
Abbie Snyder honored Mrs. Cheryl McDuff
Zoe Vernon honored Mr. Michael Donaldson

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