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Teacher Grant Testimonials
Because of the generous donations we receive, we are able to make a difference in our schools on a daily basis;

“Each year I seem to have more and more students that have a difficult time focusing and sitting still for instructional time”.
-First Grade Teacher testimonial
As a result of the “Fixes for Fidgets” grant, ten first grade teachers have been able to have joint use of multiple wobble cushions, bouncy bands, finger fidgets, and weighted lap blankets. 
The goal was to reduce the number of classroom interruptions and distractions caused by those students who need that extra movement in the classroom.
The items have been used in various ways to address this concern.  Those that used them have reported that they have been successful at channeling energy into less distracting avenues and also have provided safety to students who tend to wiggle out of their seats often.
“They seem to help because instead of leaning and falling out of their seat, students who need that motion can lean and feel the movement of the wobble cushion and not lean to the point of falling out of the chair”.
The wobble cushions and bouncy bands are by far the most commonly checked out item.  They have become accommodations for many students.  The finger fidgets are being used by one teacher in her safe place (an area for overwhelmed students to calm down).  The weighted blankets have been used to help students become more aware of their body and lap space at carpet time. 
We are grateful for the items received from the grant.  We are particularly thankful that the items were here and available to students from the beginning of the school year.  This allowed us to include the items in our routines and procedures and nonchalantly introduce the items as learning tools and not toys.  This was very helpful.
Teachers will continue to have access to these items next year and they will continue to reach more students who need that little extra help to control their “fidgets” and focus on their education. 

The Storyworks grant that 5th grade ELAR was awarded has been a great asset to the reading curriculum.  With the grant money we received we ordered a magazine subscription to Storyworks  for each student.  We use the magazine in our classrooms both as an instructional tool and  assessment tool.  Our students are much more engaged in these articles than typical STAAR-type passages, while still experiencing the same level of intense reading that they will see on standardized tests.  This magazine does a great job of guiding their thinking and making them dig deeper into a selection.  Because each student has their own copy, they are allowed to annotate and document where they found answers to document comprehension.  It has allowed us, as teachers, the opportunity to provide work that is still rigorous but more interesting to the students because it is based on current events.  We also have access to extras that further their comprehension of what they are reading, as well as cross curricular connections.  In addition to this, we are able to provide much better differentiation to our inclusion students with the extra materials provided by Storyworks.  Our students are actually asking if they can read articles we haven’t used yet before we assign them! 

Thank you,
Cindy Mayes
Jeanne Ranft
Samantha Ranft

The Annex Campus received a grant to acquire new graphing calculators.  The calculators we had been using with the students were from the Coop and were beginning to have issues.  The TAG students are using newer technology which has helped some prepare better for college courses.  The staff has been able to spend more time with the student teaching the classes instead of changing batteries.  We are most appreciative of the monies and hope to be able to use these calculators for many years to come.

Miranda Brown

Our new projection screen in the PAC been useful for all groups who use the PAC along with projection devices. It's motorization is so convenient. Students are served by this item as well as teachers and administrators.
Thank you so much!!!!

Kendra Tatsch

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