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The Pride of China Spring and Distinguished Alumni Awards Banquet

Honoring the Top 10% of the China Spring 2017 graduating class

Congratulations to the Top 10% of the 2017 China Spring graduating seniors and their most influential teachers
at China Spring:
Lindsey Anderson honored Dawn Wilson
Brett Cain honored Terry Stanford
Dara Gamble honored Deborah Billeaud
Blake Golden honored Bill Dyer
Lee Klump honored Michael Loudermilk
Makenzie Kuehn honored Alan Lange
Chance Lee honored Sarah Guhl
Makenna May honored Gina Goforth
Cassidy Mayfield honored Pam Hyatt
Lydia McMullen honored Julie Smith
Anneliese Olbrich honored Rudy Leal
Anna Olvera honored Mr. Webb
Sadee Regian honored Cindy Davis
Jake Smith honored Cheryl McDuff
Traveler Surley honored Daniel Farris
Jordan Vanderpool honored Sandra Anz
Ashlyn Wimberly honored Marilyn Crittenden

Congratulations on all your success!!
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